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Daniel is a strength coach with over eight years of experience in the field. He has coached athletes ranging from beginner to powerlifting world champions, national champion BMX racers, and professional soccer players.


As a competitive powerlifter, his passions revolve around strength training and helping other lifters reach their athletic potential. He writes for several renowned publications such as EliteFTS, Kabuki Strength, T-Nation, Bar Bend, Breaking Muscle, Evil Genius Sport Performance, and his content has been featured several times on distinguished podcasts and forums.


During the COVID-19 outbreak he decided to put his downtime to use creating the Stacked Strength Podcast, where he began interviewing industry leading experts along with world champions and world record holders to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application. The objective is to help educate lifters and connect them with resources to achieve better results in their own training.


Daniel's lifting goals are lofty; with a long term objective to squat 1000Lb, bench press 600Lb and deadlift 900Lb raw. “I know those goals will take a long time to achieve, but goals should be ambitious and I genuinely think these are attainable”. 


The major driving force behind Stacked Strength is the desire to give back to the community. One of the long term visions of the company is to offer funding for the development of athletic programs for low income youths. 


“Having gone through my fair share of difficult times growing up, I think it’s important for kids to have an outlet to keep them away from drugs and gangs. When all you see is violence it’s hard to believe in anything beyond gang culture. Sports provides kids with a direction and keeps them grounded. It allows them to further develop and acquire transferable skills, learn discipline and excel in something meaningful to them where they feel a sense of accomplishment. A lot of times all they need is guidance and this gives them a chance to excel and be rewarded for their hard work and discipline”.


Daniel’s mission is to help as many lifters as possible to reach their athletic potential.