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Daniel is a strength coach and Canadian national champion powerlifter with ten years of experience in the field. He has coached athletes ranging from beginner to powerlifting world champions, national champion BMX racers, and professional soccer and MLB players.


Daniel is a published author and writes for several renowned publications such as EliteFTS, Kabuki Strength, T-Nation, Bar Bend, Breaking Muscle, Evil Genius Sport Performance, and his content has been featured several times on distinguished podcasts and forums. He has presented at international conferences alongside some of the most accomplished athletes and researchers in the world.


During the COVID-19 outbreak he decided to put his downtime to use creating the Stacked Strength Podcast, where he began interviewing industry leading experts along with world champions and world record holders to bridge the gap between academic research and practical application. The objective is to help educate lifters and connect them with resources to achieve better results in their training training.