At Stacked Strength we have one primary mission. To help others build muscle and strength by providing research driven education on muscle, strength, nutrition and sport psychology. 

This is the first step to achieving this vision. As such we have made all content and programs on our site are 100% free. As part of our outreach program to support athletes in reaching their competitive potential, all of our athletes are sponsored and incur no cost for coaching. 

Only those who fit a specific criteria will be selected for our sponsorship program. You must be an active competitor and be at least a provincial level to qualify. To inquire about becoming a sponsored athlete click the button below and let us know about who you are, what level of competition you are at currently and why you would be a good fit to the team. 

Angel is a 52kg competitive powerlifter. She's currently boasting a total of 245kg and has her sights set on competing at the IPF national championships in 2020.

Angel Fresnido